NXT Diva Bayley has had a love affair with wrestling since she was an 11-year-old girl. An admitted superfan, this bashful NXT Diva is full of talent and enthusiasm. At age 18, Bayley began training for her eventual pathway to NXT. With a background in sports such as track ... Read more {+}
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Bayley comes out first for the match, followed by Charlotte.

NXT Women’s Championship: Bayley vs. Charlotte

Charlotte wants to start the match with a handshake but Bayley goes ahead and starts the fight, driving Charlotte back into the corner. Charlotte powers back and takes control for a short stretch but Bayley comes back with a flurry of impressive moves, even trying for a pinfall. Charlotte is just too powerful though, working her into the figure four headlock. She keeps up the heavy offense, putting Bayley into a corner and laying into her guy with a batch of kicks. Bayley resists but Charlotte works her down on to the mat again. She flings Bayley around by the cranium after locking in the figure four headlock again. It’s starting to look like this isn’t Bayley’s night but she comes back once again, rolling Charlotte into a cradle and almost getting a pin. She rolls the champ up again a short time later but it’s another near fall. Charlotte looks confident but annoyed as the women begin to duke it out in the middle of the ring. The champ looks to land a moonsault but Bayley puts the kibosh on that plan, turning it into an opportunity to flip Charlotte on to the canvas. Both women are down as the ref starts the count and Bayley crawls into position for the pin but Charlotte kicks out again. After some more fighting, Bayley hits her head on the bottom turnbuckle and she’s stunned for the moment. Charlotte hits a moonsault and goes for the pin but Bayley kicks out. The women are face to face for a compelling moment and then Charlotte hits the natural selection and gets the pin.

WINNER: Charlotte

After the bell, Sasha comes out and tries to pick the bones of the challenger, beating the stuffing out of Bayley. Charlotte comes back in to make the save.

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Bayley def. Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks issued the challenge for this match after Bayley defeated her for a chance at Charlotte’s NXT Women’s Title. Unfortunately for The Boss, there was no stopping Bayley this week. Despite Banks’ aggression, Bayley fought valiantly and picked up the win with a Belly-to-Bayley Suplex! After the match, Charlotte came out to confront her Takeover opponent. The champion said she’d destroy Bayley and gave her the opportunity to give up. Bayley stood up to Charlotte and offered her a handshake, which the NXT Women’s Champion refused.

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Bayley def. Sasha Banks (NXT Women’s Championship No. 1 Contender’s Match)
Though the BFFs are no more, that didn’t stop Sasha Banks from bullying Bayley backstage before their match. However, Sasha’s teasing seemed only to motivate her happy-go-lucky opponent. Sasha took advantage of Bayley’s anger at her, tripping her up in the ropes and pouncing on the attack.

Though The Boss locked her in vicious submission holds, Bayley did not relent. She got her second wind, turning Sasha’s spine-twisting crossface into a pin to earn the right to challenge Charlotte for the NXT Women’s Championship! After the match, the champion entered the arena and raised Bayley’s arm in victory and offered a reluctant handshake.

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Bayley def. Eva Marie
Bayley is determined to prove she’s worthy of challenging for Charlotte’s NXT Women’s Title and  showed that she’s ready for the spotlight as she took on Eva Marie. The “Total Divas” star was a little cocky at the beginning of the match, slapping Bayley before getting her down on the mat. Though Eva Marie wore Bayley down, the happy-go-lucky Diva escaped and hit the Belly-to-Bayley suplex to earn the victory! After her match Bayley is interviewed about her win. Just as she is about to mention her name, Charlotte comes up from behind and reminds Bayley that she isn’t to hear her name come out of Bayley’s mouth. Charlotte walks away leaving behind a dejected looking Bayley.

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ORLANDO, Fla. — The rocky relationship between Natalya and Tyson Kidd may have taken another turn for the worse during the main event of this week’s edition of NXT, after Kidd took advantage of Natalya getting hurt, rather than check on his wife. Also, a new No. 1 contender to the NXT Women’s Championship was determined, as Bayley clashed with Summer Rae, and the brewing rivalry between Xavier Woods and CJ Parker got personal during what was supposed to be a peace summit.

Summer Rae def. Bayley (NXT Women’s Championship No. 1 Contender’s Match)
A chance at championship glory was on the line as Bayley locked horns with longtime rival Summer Rae this week. Though Bayley showed plenty of fire, Summer took control and kept it by any means necessary until Bayley countered a kick by slamming her face-first into the canvas. Despite Bayley’s performance, Summer Rae pulled out the victory with the Summer Crush to earn a chance to face her former BFF Charlotte for the NXT Women’s Title.

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Paige, Emma & Bayley def. Charlotte, Sasha Banks & Summer Rae
After suffering a vicious assault at the hands of the BFFs, Bayley was joined by her new pals, WWE Divas Champion Paige and Emma, to battle the mean girls in a Six-Diva Tag Team Match. However, there was obvious tension brewing among Charlotte, Summer Rae and Sasha Banks. Though they looked dominant throughout the match, the BFFs’ unspoken uneasiness boiled over when Charlotte shoved Summer Rae to the arena floor with a boot. The distraction allowed Bayley to roll up the NXT Women’s Champion to claim the win for her trio!

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