NXT Diva Bayley has had a love affair with wrestling since she was an 11-year-old girl. An admitted superfan, this bashful NXT Diva is full of talent and enthusiasm. At age 18, Bayley began training for her eventual pathway to NXT. With a background in sports such as track ... Read more {+}
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They lock up and Bayley with a head lock but Becky with a wrist lock into a hammer lock. Bayley with a snap mare and she gets a near fall. Becky with a shoulder tackle but Bayley sends Becky to the mat. Becky with an Irish whip but Bayley with an elbow followed by an arm drag. Bayley misses a splash into the corner and Becky hits a pump handle suplex for a near fall.

Becky stomps on the back and she hits a snap leg drop or two. Becky with a head banging leg drop for a near fall. Becky with a reverse chin lock into a Cobra Clutch. Bayley with elbows but Becky with a European uppercut. Becky is sent to the apron and Bayley with a forearm to send Becky to the floor. Bayley with a baseball slide through the corner and then she sends Becky back into the ring.

Becky kicks Bayley but Bayley with double sledges. Becky with a knee to the midsection but Bayley with a drop toe hold and punches. Bayley with a running shoulder into the corner followed by a series of running back elbows. Bayley puts Becky on the turnbuckles but Becky pushes Bayley onto the ropes. Becky tries for an O’Connor Roll into the corner but Bayley holds on to the turnbuckles. Bayley with a back elbow off the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Bayley tries for a belly-to-belly suplex but Becky with a Fujiwara arm bar into another arm bar submission and Bayley taps out.

Winner: Becky Lynch

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March 18th

Bayley vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte in a #1 contender’s match is next. Becky wins after pinning Bayley while Charlotte had Bayley in a Figure Four.


April 1st

Emma vs. Bayley is next. Bayley wins with a roll up. Emma was acting “off” and not as bubbly as usual


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February 25th

Becky Lynch defeated Bayley by submission


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They all began battling. Bayley and Charlotte went back and forth into the ring.  Charlotte was sent to the floor.  Becky and Sasha attacked her and tossed her into the ring apron where the LED lights are and “broke” the board by slamming her into it.  They hit the ring and began working over Bayley but argued over which of them were going to get the pin and the title.  Becky backed down to Sasha then grabbed her for a pumphandle suplex from behind.  Becky nailed a legdrop on Bayley for a two count.

They went back and forth and into a series of spots where everyone wiped someone out with their signature moves.  Charlotte was the last one standing but was sent into the corner shoulder-first and hit the ringpost.  Sasha set up Charlotte on the second buckle and Becky on the bottom, then drilled them both with double knees to the gut.  That was pretty creative.  Bayley returned to throw her with a big suplex, leaving her facing off with the champ.

Becky began nailing a series of running elbows in the corner on Charlotte.   Bayley placed her on the top and nailed a rana off the top.  Bayley hit the Bayley to Belly suplex but Lynch broke it up at the two count.  Bayley slammed her into the apron and hit a sliding dropkick under the buckles onto Becky.  Sasha hit a dive out of the ring onto each of them, leaving the champion in the ring with time to recover.   Charlotte nailed a slingshot pescado to the floor, wiping out everyone.

Back in the ring, Lynch nailed a suplex on Charlotte for a two count.  She placed Charlotte on the top but Bayley got involved and wiped out Lynch.  Charlotte was nailed with Bayley to belly from the top.  Bayley covered her but Sasha attacked her and covered the champ.  Charlotte kicked out at the last second.  Sasha locked on a crossface.  Charlotte tried to fight it to the ropes but was pulled back.  Sasha turned it onto a crucifix style pin and the exhausted champion was defeated.  GREAT finish.

Your winner and new WWE NXT Women’s champion, a most deserving Sasha Banks!

Great match.   It was a total athletic, kick-ass presentation with some great near falls.  One of the best women’s bouts in WWE in the last decade. The crowd really thought Bayley was going to win several times.  The finish was just awesome.

After Charlotte recovered, she offered her hand to Banks. Banks cautiously took it and they embraced but Banks shoved her away and went “WOO!” in her face before leaving with the belt above her head.

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With tonight being NXT Takeover: Rival, we got together with other NXT fansite owners to give you full predictions of every match on the card. We’ve tried to be as honest as possible with our views,

Charlotte vs Bayley vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch (NXT Women’s Championship Match)

Shirlz: Quite honestly, this could go any way. I want to say Charlotte will retain, but there’s only a 25% chance of that happening, and I think this would be a fitting way for Charlotte’s reign to come to a close. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Becky Lynch will shock the NXT Universe and become the new NXT Women’s Champion, but I am hoping Charlotte pulls something out of the bag and retains the title. I just have a feeling that won’t be happening. Winner- Becky Lynch

Bre- BayleyFansite.Com: OH THE SLAYAGE! Ok so first NXT divas are amazing, and the WWE Divas are amazing. The difference in how they’re all represented kills my heart but we won’t get into WWE’s sexist ways. This divas fatal four way is going to make history. Each girl brings something completely different to the table. I’m excited for this match because it gives you a chance to see how amazing these women are. I’m not 100% sure how this is going to play out, all I can say is Charlotte won’t walk out as champ. I’m going to say Bayley since she has been rejuvinated with a new serious attitude. Winner- Bayley

Darrius- Sasha-Banks.Com: Originally, there was some doubt between my decision but I’m going with my gut. In this Fatal 4 Way, I honestly believe anyone could win. However, I think the popular decision is spilt between 2 winners; Sasha Banks and Bayley. Sasha and Bayley have had issues rooting back to her BFFs days with just Summer. Bayley was often targeted by the BFFs. Now that the BFFs have broken up, Sasha and Bayley have continued to be thorns in each others side. While yes, Bayley does deserve to win the title, I think she will, what better way than having Sasha steal the win from her last minute. Winner-­ ​Sasha Banks

Conor- Kevin-Owens.Com: Is it time for Charlotte to lose the title? Yes it is, she’s had a great run but she’s ready for the main stage, which I think she’ll get the call up after wrestlemania and insert herself into the title picture. If you follow me on my personal Twitter you’ll know I don’t like Becky Lynch, her wrestling or character, so next. Bayley, next. Sasha Banks won me over at the last NXT special and I’m a fan oh hers now, she’s ready for the title. Winner- Sasha Banks

Ada- SamiZaynSource.Com: I 100% don’t see Charlotte walking out the woman’s champion tonight. She’s going up against three of the top divas in NXT and while she maybe “genetically superior” she doesn’t even have to be pinned to lose. Then that leaves who is going to walk out champion? This is probably going to be the hardest pick for me but…Bayley. As much as I love Sasha and want her to win, I think Bayley will overcome it all and win tonight. Bayley is the female Sami Zayn. She’s the fan favorite. After being knocked down, and being told that she can’t be champion, she’s gonna finally prove everyone wrong. She’s coming back from an injury and what bigger way to get any redemption is proving your doubters wrong by winning the title. Becky, is just a filler for this match, in my opinion. While Sasha is smart and crafty, as we saw at [R]Evolution, she’s not focused on the championship after what happened between her and former tag partner, Becky. I think it’s all Bayley tonight. Winner- Bayley

Summary: Charlotte- 0 | Sasha Banks- 2 | Becky Lynch- 1 | Bayley- 2
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WWE NXT diva Bayley is always hugging and smiling, even when she’s hard at work training.

“When I first started training, my trainer told me to stop smiling so much,” said Bayley, who first learned the art of wrestling from Jason Styles (Rogers) of Big Time Wrestling in Northern California. “It was just fun to me. I couldn’t help it.”

Styles said: “It’s actually a good feeling as a teacher, when you’re teaching people something that they’re that passionate about wanting to learn. From the get-go, she always talked about how she was a wrestling fan since she was a kid, and that really came through, when she started training.”

She is genuine.

Her enthusiasm, her passion resonates with NXT fans as one of their favorites, and she really enjoys meeting them, participating in meet-n-greets before NXT shows.

“It comes kind of natural being Bayley,” she said. “Watching wrestling already made me excited. When I was younger, going to live events, I was so into it and just felt something inside me that made me feel driven to do it; so when I go out to the ring, it’s a natural fire for me. I can’t help but smile.”

It’s not work, if it’s something you love, and Bayley truly loves it.

“Bayley is a dream chaser,” she said. “She’s grown up watching the product, wrestling, WWE, everything. She knows everyone, from top to bottom, all the history. She’s been motivated since she was 10-years-old and is finally here, trying to pursue the dream, live the dream to the fullest.”

Bayley’s ability, appeal, look, mannerisms stand out from the other divas, which is important. That extends to her colorful ring attire — another Bayley distinction — inspired by one of her favorites.

“I’m a huge Macho Man [Randy Savage] fan,” she said. “Him being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year is so cool, and it’s in my hometown [San Jose].


“His ring gear is actually what stood out to me when I first saw him,” she added. “He was the first guy I saw ever in wrestling; so that’s what hooked me to him and what got me into wrestling.” 

Bayley continued: “I kind of base my gear to being very colorful, different shapes and a little bit of randomness, basing it off him.”

“The ponytail and the headband are from me, from when I was younger,” she added, “because my hair is so thick, and it’s always in my way; so I always had it up. 

“My mom [Ann] used to try to make it all nice and comb it and put it in cute little things, but as soon as I got to school, I took it all out and just put it up in a ponytail.” 

That did not please mom, but it led to now. 

“Now I made the ponytail bigger,” Bayley said, “and put it to the side and made it my own trademark.” 

Bayley, 25, also designs her ring gear, selecting the colors. 

“Sarath Ton does my gear, and he knows me very well. He’s a huge wrestling fan, too; so he knows where I’m coming from,” Bayley said. “He’s amazing. I can give him the colors and kind of the idea, and he puts his own [twist] on it. It’s a team effort. He does a few other people’s gear here [NXT], too. He’s great.”

Check out the Full interview Here
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